About Us

About Us

One time while traveling in Tenerife, I found a hair in the bed and it dampened the trip. If you've ever spotted a long strand of hair in your bed, then you know exactly what I mean.

To me, traveling is inspiring.

New places, faces, cultures and food! To top it off hotels can be very glamorous, right? Room service, fluffy pillows, robes, and slippers.  But the same hotel rooms are used by many different people. Cleaning practices are not always up to par, and there can be some seriously nasty stuff lurking in the bed you're sleeping in.

And so sometimes I find myself feeling unsettled while traveling. 

Even when in the nicest of Airbnb's or hotels I still find myself thinking of all the people that slept there before me and if the sheets truly are clean. 

This is what inspired me to create whyte.  I wanted to feel completely relaxed laying in bed and not having that unsettled, rambling mind.  Traveling with Whyte. makes me feel comfortable and lets me get a good nights' sleep.

To all those with that unsettled feeling, I hope to bring a sense of ease;

A sleep haven & and piece of home.


Deanna Rae