About Us

About Us

Tenerife, 2017.   

My husband and I were on a dream vacation with his best friend and wife.  We had just spent the previous 5 days biking through the hills of Tuscany drinking wine, eating great food, and enjoying each others company.  

Our next stop was Tenerife for some well deserved rest and relaxation.  Our friends booked a place by the beach with black sand in Alcala and we enjoyed a nice birthday dinner at sunset. And then we went to bed.   Red Sheets. Brown Comforter. A hair in the bed.  I barely slept all night.

The next day was trying.  I couldn’t wait to leave for the next place.  Tensions were rising and our trip was quickly going from amazing to daunting.  After seeing my husband visibly upset, I made it through the second night with his t-shirt as a pillowcase and bundled head to toe in my sweats, socks, and hooded sweatshirt.  

The car ride to Finca Angelus in Santa Cruz was quiet.  The views were spectacular...small vineyard, the ocean, Mount Teide volcano in the background….and clean white sheets on the bed!  We all sighed in relief, drank a bottle wine, and I never slept better.

Travel Whyte was born from my own experiences and wanting travelers everywhere to feel comfortable wherever they go.  To me, having your own things, clean white organic sheets, and a soothing scent are the secrets to sleeping comfortably wherever you are.  


Deanna Rae