3 ways to a better nights rest

3 ways to a better nights rest

Traveling can totally mess with your natural sleep cycle, so can every day stresses. There are simple things you can implement before bed to help promote a better nights rest.  We can all use a few more ZZZ. 

1. Legs up the wall

That's right, all you have to do is throw your legs up the nearest wall, close your eyes, and let the power of your deep, steady breathing work its magic. 

  • Sit sideways, with your left shoulder and left hip as close to the wall as possible
  • Slowly lie down on your back
  • Swing both of your legs up against the wall. You may also place a bolster, or small pillow underneath the sacrum for additional support. If your hamstrings are tight, come a little further away from the wall.
  • aim for 10 minutes or more if you can

This pose is not only effective for calming the mind, but it also assists with a number of other factors that can interfere with a healthy sleep cycle, ex.:

  • headaches
  • digestion
  • anxiety and
  • mild depression. 


2. Facial reflexology

Sounds intricate, but really very simple. Facial reflexology can offer benefit in a number of ways, such as faciliating relaxation, lowering stress and insomnia, and improving overall well-being. This method is very simple:

  • place your two pointer fingers gently  between your eyes brows (just above them)
  • slowly and gently drag you fingers to your temples. Almost outlining the top of your eye brows.

repeats 10 times or more with your eyes closed while breathing.   


3.  Smartphone and laptop shut down

Melatonin, a hormone which is essential to restful sleep, and is naturally produced as as the day becomes darker.

In effect, the blue and green wavelengths of light from your phone, or laptop trick your brain into thinking it's still daylight - preventing the release of melatonin and not only making it more difficult to get to sleep, but making your quality of sleep worse.

Try to power down at least an hour before bed.  Use this time to read, do some light stretching, breathing exercises, meditation, the possibilities are endless and your body will thank you!


sleep well!


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